Back from the International Pizza Expo.

Just got back from judging pizzas from around the world at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.

I was on two judging panels on one day (judged 24 traditional pizzas) and 24 non-traditional pizzas the next day.

AJ Barile’s in Yucaipa came in 1st place in the Western United States division for the second year in a row, quite an honor.

This was my third year judging and continues to be a great learning experience.

I still love pizza and anxious to find those great little pizza gems out there for you to experience.

Las Vegas here I come! The Pizza Expo is Back…

Hi fellow foodies!

Can’t wait being a judge at the International Pizza Expo next week in Vegas. There will be teams from all over the world competing for best Traditional and Non Traditional Pizzas.
I’ll be tasting and judging 48 pizzas in two days (Only small bites I hope). I Just lost 28 lbs so I don’t want to regain the weight.

Pizzas are judged by crust. Appearance, taste and one other criteria I forgot despite this year wil be my third time I have been asked to judge.

They also will be having a pizza trade show with lots of new foods, Equipment and everything involving the pizza industry as well as a Pizza Olympics.
Hope to find some great restaurants to review while in Vegas.

Not sure which pizza restaurants from our area will be there but hope they win. AJ Barille’s from Yucaipa won Best Pizza Western Division. There pizzas are excellent! Will let you know each day highlights and summarize the day.

Until next time, Happy Eating!

I’M BACK (and hungrier than ever)

Hey folks- it’s Allan at last!

Unfortunately i’ve been away from the blog for a long time now getting FeedMe411 up and checking out all the newest restaurants around…Please forgive me for the lateness of my replies, but I promise in the future I will be reading and responding every week.  Happy Eating!


From: smiles
Q.Please stop by Islands Deli on Oak Glen road in Yuciapa they have the best sanwiches with a choice of home made sides. Real Yummy and use all Boars Head meats and are thick. My favorite is the turkey with sprouts and cream cheese. Also a favorite is the Riverside Market Broiler in Riverside off Central and Rialto. All their food is great and are having Anniversary Specials…half off appetizers Wednesday. Look forward to some new selections around Redlands and Yuciapa.

Sorry about getting back to you so late. Still learning about Blogging, Twitter etc. I will definitely stop by Island Deli and check them out. Market Broiler is another terrific restaurant that I have to review. Again, sorry for this late response. Will respond sooner, I promise.


From Teddy H.
Q. Hello Allan, glad your on the airwaves!!!!You have the best taste, keep up the great work!

Great hearing from you Ted!. Sorry about getting back to you so late but I am currently working on the Blog on a daily basis so the Blog will be current. How are you? The Band? Are you ever in the Inland Empire? Sure would love to see you again. Take care and keep in touch. Can you please give your cell phone number so  I can call you.

Take Care


From: Scott C.  Q. you need to check out Gul Naj on Barton St. in Colton (or Grand Terrace, I’m not sure which)

Sorry for getting back to so late after you left a comment on the Feedme411 Blog. I am now checking it daily so this wont happen again. I love that restaurant and will be doing another review on them soon. Thanks again for visiting

Welcome to!

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