Las Vegas here I come! The Pizza Expo is Back…

Hi fellow foodies!

Can’t wait being a judge at the International Pizza Expo next week in Vegas. There will be teams from all over the world competing for best Traditional and Non Traditional Pizzas.
I’ll be tasting and judging 48 pizzas in two days (Only small bites I hope). I Just lost 28 lbs so I don’t want to regain the weight.

Pizzas are judged by crust. Appearance, taste and one other criteria I forgot despite this year wil be my third time I have been asked to judge.

They also will be having a pizza trade show with lots of new foods, Equipment and everything involving the pizza industry as well as a Pizza Olympics.
Hope to find some great restaurants to review while in Vegas.

Not sure which pizza restaurants from our area will be there but hope they win. AJ Barille’s from Yucaipa won Best Pizza Western Division. There pizzas are excellent! Will let you know each day highlights and summarize the day.

Until next time, Happy Eating!