Dragon Loco Chinese Mexican Fusion

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Dragon Loco Chinese Mexican Fusion

2509 S. Euclid Ave
Ontario CA, 91761
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Phone: (909) 983-2940
Website: http://www.dragonlocoontario.com/
Type of Food Served: Asian, Asian Fusion, Chinese, Fast Food, Mexican
Hours: Sun 11am - 8pm, Mon-Thur 10am - 9pm. Fri & Sat 10am to 3am
Price Range: $
Payment Options: Visa Mastercard Discover Cash

Services and Features:

Reservations: Not Accepted N/A
Average Dining Time: 1 hour or less
Open For: Lunch Dinner
Waiter Services: Partial
Atmosphere: Casual Dining. Fast Food. Family Dining.
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Restaurant Summary by Allan Borgen:

Dragon Loco is a tiny little restaurant in Ontario, CA just south of the 60 Freeway in a shopping center next to McDonalds, Del Taco, and Michael Angelos Pizza. Although; they offer a nice array of Chinese Fast Food dishes, it’s their unique Mexican Chinese infused creations that you really want to come for. Just a heads up, the dining room is very small so don’t be afraid if you have to wait for a while if all of the tables are filled.

With great meats like Kung Pao Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Carne Asada and Chinese BBQ Pork, get ready for a culinary adventure where unique combinations are made which you ordinarily wouldn’t think would work, but they do! Owner Chef Trinidad Luna and his son Mario are men on a mission to bring one-of a-kind, delicious food truck tastes right here in the Inland Empire.

For the specialty dishes, you can choose your meats from a list that includes Kung Pao, Teriyaki Chicken, Chinese BBQ Pork and Carne Asada. All of them are very good so don’t be afraid to try them all.

Some of my favorite dishes include: Taco Loco with BBQ Pork, grilled onions, chopped bacon, cilantro and salsa. I also really loved the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla which is gooey with melted cheese, chicken, grilled onions, cilantro and bacon,  the hand-made and delicious Empanadas with your choice of meats, the really crispy Won Tons with your choice of chorizo, green onions, bell peppers & cream cheese, jalapenos, green onions & cream cheese or the mushroom Won Tons which are all topped with a great avocado, sweet and sour and chili sauce.

 Lastly, I highly recommend the delicious Spicy Orange Chicken Burrito with fried rice, chunks of breaded and fried Orange Chicken sautéed in a zesty orange sauce, chow mein noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, bacon and a fried egg wrapped in a large flour tortilla. The combination of the ingredients in this burrito may not sound all that appetizing but believe me folks, this is one fine burrito!

As you can tell from my descriptions of the food served here, Dragon Loco Fusion Fast Food is truly a distinctively different restaurant here in the Inland Valley and one that you really need to try.

Don’t forget dessert! You won’t want to miss their Horchata Frap frozen shake, with caramel sauce and lots of whipped cream.

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Loco Chinese Mexican Fusion

  1. If you are looking for a truly unique dining experience, then Dragon Loco in Ontario is the place to go. Their Chinese/Mexican fusion dishes are some amazing items. It was so good, I went straight hom and left Allan a message on Facebook about them. Some of my favorite items on the menu include the Chinese BBQ pork quesadilla, the chorizo wonton, and the Kung Pao taco. After seeing Allan’s review, though, I will definitely be trying one of their burritos next trip out. My only disappointment when we went there was the fact that he has already removed several items from the menu that I had really wanted to try (the Thai tea and the smoothies most noteably), but the food was more than worth the disappointment. I’m so glad I told Allan about this place as I really would hate to see such a gem of a restaurant close down. I was able to talk to Mario, one of the owners, while we were there, and he was amazingly helpful and friendly. If you like Chinese and Mexican cuisine, you don’t want to miss out on Dragon Loco.

  2. We had the Groupon, visited for dinner on 08/11/12, and liked the food very much! We will definitely be back! We had the asada fried rice, the orange chicken burrito, and the chorizo appetizers. These were all a great combination of flavors! Also, the owners are very nice people with great customer service so that makes you wnat to come back also. I’ll be recommending this place to all my family and friends.

  3. I hope that they reopen soon. But for the last servral weeks they have been closed for renovations. Would suggest to call first to verify if they are open. Still haven’t tried the food yet. But i try back every week

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