El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant

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El Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant

1458 Industrial Park Ave, Redlands
Redlands CA, 92374
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Phone: (909) 307-0017
Type of Food Served: Mexican
Hours: 10am - 8pm Everyday
Price Range: $ $$
Payment Options: Visa Mastercard Discover Debit Cash

Services and Features:

Reservations: Not Accepted N/A
Average Dining Time: 1 hour or less
Open For: Lunch Dinner
Waiter Services: Full
Atmosphere: Casual Dining. Kid Friendly.
  • Lunch Specials
  • Vegatarian Options

Restaurant Summary by Allan Borgen:

If you enjoy really good Mexican food with a twist, then El Tepeyac
Mexican restaurant located next to Burlington Coat Factory in the
Tri City Center in Redlands, is a culinary dream come true. This small
family owned and operated restaurant serves an amazing array of
delicious dishes from Mexico that with portions larger than me. Owner/
Chef Audomaro Lugo really knows how to stimulate one’s taste buds
while keeping the prices so reasonable. If you enjoy fresh home style
Mexican food with that is both unique and exciting; you must come to
El Tepeyac!

Things you must try are

  1. Carne Asada Fries
  2. Mole Wet Burrito
  3. El Tepeyac Burrito
  4. Wet Torta

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