Mariscos Mazatlan Family Restaurant & Cantina

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Mariscos Mazatlan Family Restaurant & Cantina

24811 Sunnymead Blvd.
Moreno Valley CA, 92553
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Phone: (951) 242-0304
Type of Food Served: Mexican, Seafood
Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am to 9pm, Sat 9am to 11pm, Sun 9am to 9pm
Price Range: $ $$
Payment Options: Visa Mastercard Amex Debit Cash

Services and Features:

Reservations: Not Accepted N/A
Average Dining Time: 1 hour or less
Open For: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Waiter Services: Full
Atmosphere: Family Dining. Kid Friendly.
  • Banquet Room
  • Catering
  • Daily Specials
  • Disabled Access
  • Entertainment
  • Happy Hour
  • Healthy Options
  • Karaoke
  • Kids Menu
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

Restaurant Summary by Allan Borgen:

Located on Sunnymead Blvd. in Moreno Valley, Mariscos Mazatlan Family Cantina in Moreno Valley is a large clean restaurant that features an extensive variety of Coastal Mexican dishes as well as the popular Mexican fare we all love so much. There are two dining rooms as well as a full service bar and some of the friendliest servers in the ie. Owners Isabel and oh yes her husband Isabel Muniz along with their daughter Claudia have delighted their loyal customers for over 10 years and invite you to enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine from Mazatlan.

Some of the best Mexican in Moreno Valley, some take a taste for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Mariscos Mazatlan Family Restaurant & Cantina

  1. i have never try mariacos masatlan but i want to go see ifnwhat everyone is saying is true

  2. We tried this place out for the first time with our gift certificate. To start off, the chips and salsa are very good. We had a chili verde burrito, shrimp ceviche tostada, one green and one red enchilada. Everything tasted very good. Place was clean. We will definitely be returning.

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