One Plus One Dumpling House

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One Plus One Dumpling House

14720 Pipeline Ave Ste B
Chino Hills CA, 91709
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Phone: (909) 606-8088
Type of Food Served: Asian, Chinese
Hours: Open Daily: 11am to 10pm
Price Range: $ $$
Payment Options: Visa Mastercard Debit Cash

Services and Features:

Reservations: Accepted
Average Dining Time: 1 hour or less
Open For: Lunch Dinner
Waiter Services: Full
Atmosphere: Casual Dining. Family Dining.
  • Catering
  • Daily Specials
  • Disabled Access
  • Entertainment
  • Healthy Options

Restaurant Summary by Allan Borgen:

One Plus One Dumpling House in Chino Hills off of Pipeline Ave  is one of the most exciting restaurants in the Inland Empire. Just off the 71 freeway, this special restaurant specializes in Chinese dumplings and noodle dishes that are made fresh daily on the premises and are oh so delicious. In addition to their outstanding food, the prices are extremely reasonable while the portions of food are on the large side. What really excites me is that this small popular restaurant is what you would expect to find in China Town or Monterey Park. After discovering One Plus One, I realize we’re lucky to have such an amazing restaurant so close to home. Some of my favorites include the Juicy Dumplings, which explodes with flavor in your mouth and is my highest recommendation. Also, try the marvelous marinated Dao Koo Chicken which is unique and served cold, the chewy Pot Stickers or Pan Fried Dumplings, the house special noodles with shrimp and chicken, the mouth tingling plump Spicy Shrimp (around 18 huge juicy shrimp) and the Shredded Pork with Special Sauce and small buns to put the pork into and devour. If you like authentic Chinese dim sum and noodle dishes, you really must try One Plus One Dumpling House, you’ll be addicted: I promise!

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2 thoughts on “One Plus One Dumpling House

  1. This is a family favorite! The soup dumplings and char shu bao are the best around. There are a few dishes that can use a tweak, honey walnut shrimp, but the rest of the menu so far is spot on

  2. I won a gift certificate on the Feed Me 411 Facebook page…so glad I was picked! 1+1 is small and clean with a small area for medium sized parties. The staff is very nice and friendly. Dine in w/ table service or take-out.
    My husband loved the BBQ Pork Buns and the Beef & Broccoli! My daughter & I polished off a whole order of Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings! The Green Onion Pancake was crispy & delicious. Bonus: you get a free order of Juicy Dumpling with any purchase over $20!

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