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The Fat Greek

33265 Yucaipa Blvd
Yucaipa CA, 92399
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Phone: (909) 797-6018
Type of Food Served: American, Fast Food, Greek, Mexican
Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 10pm, Sat: 9am - 10pm, Sun: 9am - 9pm
Price Range: $ $$
Payment Options: Visa Mastercard Discover Amex Cash

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9 thoughts on “The Fat Greek

  1. I agree best gyros ever their tazaki sauce is amazing.. meat cooked perfectly. good service n clean…yummmm

  2. I saw your television review of the Fat Greek in my hometown of Yucaipa. I had never been there, thinking it was a fast food fake. I ordered the Lemon Chicken – what a surprise, it is big enough for two to share; but I ate it all and would again. The $15 IS TOTALLY APPROPRIATE IF NOT TOO LITTLE. Thanks for being my emprtus to eat locally and enjoy great food and the company of the owner’s family.

  3. I ordered the chicken pita.. it was ok got my order wrong. My mom got the chicken sandwich the bread was a little hard.. and sister ordered the chicken strips.. chicken was dry and hard. Also took about 35 mins to get food. And there was only 3 other ppl dining.

  4. Went to the Fat Greek today with my gift certificate won from FeedMe411! Took my good friend and her adorable little girl for lunch and everything was AMAZING! I ordered a traditional Gyro, my friend got the Fat Greek Burger (which had cucumber, tomato and gyro meat on a regular burger) the baby got a good old plain grilled cheese and I ordered a pastrami to go for my boyfriend who is a pastrami snob! I’ve been trying very hard to be good with food lately and half way through my gyro I wanted to stop eating but I just couldn’t!! It was THAT good! My boyfriend ate the pastrami sandwich for dinner tonight and his eyes rolled in pleasure! LOL the food really was amazing and the family who own and run the place are amazingly sweet and kind. They genuinely care for their customers and want every dining experience to be pleasurable. I might be Italian and it might be located in what looks like a fast food joint, but eating their feels like eating at home!

  5. Just pulled up the drive way. Lost my voice and needed soup. It was 9:15pm and they still took the time to make sure I got soup and they were so awesome. They went the extra mile to make sure I was fed. Soup was amazing and if this isn’t awesome what is. Am glad we have such a place to go to in my city. Mind you they closed at 9pm.
    Most restaurants won’t even care to talk to you when they are closed.
    Much love to you guys at The Fat Greek yucaipa location.

  6. Nick, the owner is very nice and there to take your order and then again at the window to pay and for and receive it! It is made to order, so there is a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it! While I was waiting for my falafel balls, Nick asked me if I had tried their gyro meat. I said I didn’t think I had, so I said “I give you a sample!” So good!! Then, he brought out the spices he uses on the meat, which he grows at the restaurant and at his house! That’s how fresh everything is! Plus, he told me that they are going to roast a pig in the parking lot on Father’s Day, and there’s going to be live music and all kinds of food! Can’t wait! Highly recommended!

  7. I forgot to mention all about the food I had! I ordered the falafel balls, which I didn’t see on the menu. I just asked if I could get a side of falafel. It was amazing! So much so, that I tried to seek out falafel at other places, and it wasn’t nearly as good. An order comes with 6 pieces of falafel, plus sides of tzaziki sauce and he put in a little container of hummus, both of which were homemade and delicious! The falafel was not greasy, but had the perfect crunchy exterior, and the soft flavorful interior! I’m craving some right now. I think I’ll go get some.

  8. Thank you for giving me an oppurtunity to try the Fat Greek Restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to this establishment. It was welcoming and very clean. The young man that helped us at the counter was very helpful and deciding are dinner choices. The food was great. I truly enjoyed my dinner from here. Five stars will be going back. Thank you again. Sincerely Barbara

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