Welcome to FeedMe411.com!

Hello, my fellow Foodies–Allan Borgen here to keep you in the loop with “everything food” in the Inland Empire.

As a food critic, avid cook and someone who will do anything to increase the public’s awareness of great restaurants in our area: I am excited that the Inland Empire finally has an official food site we can go to.

In future blogs I will discuss various issues involved in the culinary world including Dining Out With Children, Good Service vs. Bad Service, Tipping and where all the hot spots where to eat in the Inland Empire.

I’d love for you to be involved in this exciting new blog and website. If you have any thoughts about food or restaurants, participate in the blog or write me at allan@feedme411.com I want this site to be fun, informative and a celebration of food.

Thank you for visiting this blog and the FeedMe411 web site. Together we will have lots of fun and some terrific restaurants and dishes to talk about.

You can also join me and other people like yourselves who love food, wine and having fun. Just sign up for free on the Feed Me 411 Grub Club section.

Happy Eating everyone,